STEM Excellence Pathway

The Carnegie STEM Excellence Pathway is a strategic planning process to provide schools and districts with the time, tools and collaboration needed to improve their STEM education initiatives. The Pathway is facilitated by Museum of Discovery educators who have been trained by Carnegie Science Center. We are the only organization in Arkansas offering the nationally acclaimed program in STEM education. STEM Excellence Pathway has proven to be the desired model for creating a national stamp of excellence in schools in more than a dozen states, including Arkansas.

STEM Excellence Pathway is an iterative process that allows each school to continue the path of improvement by focusing on specific priority areas each year. Schools determine their own definition of STEM and evaluate themselves in six areas:

  • Teacher Qualifications
  • Curriculum
  • Instructional Practices
  • Assessment and Demonstration of Skills
  • Family Engagement
  • Real-World Connections

Schools prioritize up to three areas and create an action plan and timeline to meet their goals with the assistance of Museum of Discovery educators.

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