Magnificent Me

This exhibit examines the body’s muscles and bones, heart and lungs, digestive system, and brain and nerves.

Interact with a variety of medical technologies and have the chance for hands-on exploration of different human systems.

In this exhibit, you can pump a heart, stretch your intestines, fool your senses, make your skeleton dance, see actual preserved human organs, and more!

Exhibit Details


2,000-2,500 sq. ft.

Content focus

Human Body, Medical Science

Target Audience

Children up to age 12, Families, School Groups


- How Does Endoscopic Surgery Work?
- What Does a Baby Look Like in the Womb?
- How Does Smoking Affect My Lungs?
- Why Do My Bones Break?
- Can My Hand Fool My Brain?
- What Does It Look Like Inside My Body?

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