The Arkansas Discovery Network was established in 2006 to bring comprehensive, hands-on, STEAM-based educational experiences to students in all parts of the state. Initiated by a grant from the Donald W. Reynolds Foundation, the Network strives to provide the highest quality educational experience focusing on science, technology, engineering, arts and math to the children and families of Arkansas.

Grant funding from the Reynolds Foundation has sustained the Network for more than 10 years and helped the Network provide its members with blockbuster exhibits, install Tinkering Studios, share kits of materials, and provide ongoing staff capacity building professional development presented by industry experts.

While historically the Network has been comprised of six or seven major museums in the state, in July 2016 the Network began accepting new members as part of a multi-tier network of partners that now includes schools, libraries, and STEM Centers.

While not all of these groups are able to host large exhibits, there is an opportunity for all members to participate in staff development and be a part of a collaborative group of individuals aimed at providing more Arkansans with hands-on STEAM learning experiences. The Network’s member organizations are located strategically throughout Arkansas to extend outreach to all areas and continues to see expansion across the state.